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CAN SLIM was devised by William J. O’Neil and is an acronym representing seven traits investors should look for in a company to determine the most successful growth stocks. O’Neil began his career as a stockbroker in 1958 with Hayden, Stone, & Co. in Los Angeles. While building his client list and portfolio, he found that data analytics was the key to investment success. Inc., a firm that developed the first computerized daily securities database, tracking more than 70,000 companies worldwide.

And sure enough, a 1970 grand jury investigation found that nearly all of the empty shells and bullets at the scene had been fired by police weapons — not Panther weapons. Despite her visible pregnancy, an officer reportedly dragged her over to the kitchen area. Born just outside Chicago on August 30, 1948, Hampton got involved in civil rights activism early on. When he was just a young teenager, he pushed his school to allow Black girls to compete for homecoming queen and rallied for an integrated pool and recreational center. Before long, he’d joined the NAACP and was marching alongside Martin Luther King Jr. If he had been arrested by local police, he might’ve languished in prison for years.

That focus on data was, after all, the foundation of his stock-picking prowess. Scott O’Neil, son of William O’Neil and CEO of Data Analysis Inc. “He was fully engaged with his companies and the stock market.” Surprisingly, O’Neil didn’t want to keep his unique approach to stock analysis a secret. Instead, he wanted to share his knowledge with the broader investing community.

Later life

He was House assistant minority leader and assistant majority leader. He chaired the Coalition of Northeastern Governors and the New England Governors’ Conference and was president of the Council of State Governments. “Perhaps I have been put here for a time such as this,” he said. “But whatever God’s plan my approach will remain the same. That is staying close to him, seeking his direction and following his will. O’Neil, who replaces former County Executive Marc Molinaro in the post, took the oath of office at the Calvary Chapel of the Hudson Valley before more than 200 friends, elected officials, and fellow parishioners.

William J. O’Neil remains an influential business leader and educator dedicated to providing investor education and data-driven methodology through his books, publications, and seminars. Founder of O’Neil Data Systems, Inc.William J. O’Neil is an American entrepreneur, stockbroker and writer, who founded the stock brokerage firm William O’Neil & Co. Inc in 1963 and the business newspaper Investor’s Business Daily in 1984. He is the author of the books How to Make Money in Stocks, 24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success and The Successful Investor among others, and is the creator of the CAN SLIM investment strategy. In the case of O’Neal, it was determined that he died of suicide. The Chicago Tribune reported in a 1990 story that the Cook County Medical Examiner had officially ruled O’Neal’s death a suicide.

She has worked in multiple cities covering breaking news, politics, education, and more. Her expertise is in personal finance and investing, and real estate. According to the Tribune, he spent some time living in California. He came back to Chicago about four years before his death. The Tribune reported that, in real life, O’Neal ended up in the Federal Witness Protection Program in 1973 after infiltrating the Black Panther Movement. He was pinched as a car thief, which gave the FBI leverage over him, and he obviously became a controversial figure when his actions were revealed.

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  • Any size capitalization will do, but the majority of your stocks should trade an average daily volume of several hundred thousand shares or more.
  • He had several back-to-back winners, starting with Chryslerin 1962.
  • And even though Hampton made a huge impact on people while he was alive, he missed out on the chance to live a long life — and perhaps make an even bigger impact.

The company now operates as O’Neil Digital Solutions and has operations in Los Angeles, Dallas and Monroe, North Carolina. The firm provides data-driven publishing and marketing communications. The Tribune reported that O’Neal had run in front of a car before but was only injured that time.

O’Neil sworn in to complete Molinaro’s county executive term

As explored in Judas And The Black Messiah, the story of William O’Neal betraying Hampton is a tragic and complicated one. After all, O’Neal was quite young when he was pushed into his controversial role as an FBI informant. But he never backed out of the job, even in the face of tragedy. Quickly whisked into witness protection, William O’Neal lived as William Hart in California for several years after being outed as an informant. But he secretly returned to Chicago in 1984 and worked for an attorney. From a young age, the native Chicagoan lived a life of crime as a car thief on the city’s West Side.

william o'neil

But Hampton was just one of many Black leaders victimized by COINTELPRO — the FBI’s secret and illegal program that disrupted anti-establishment movements like the Black Panther Party. The fact that Hampton was campaigning so hard against police brutality and corruption made his treatment at the hands of those very police all the more tragic. But after experiencing violence from anti-civil rights protesters, Hampton became disillusioned with King’s non-violent windsor brokers review approach and began to lean more toward Malcolm X’s message of self-defense. From there, he entered the Black Panther Party in 1968 — quickly assuming a leadership position. Subsequently placed in witness protection under an assumed name, O’Neal would later say that he felt no remorse for being an informant. However, he also admitted that he was not a “happy man.” And in 1990, O’Neal took his own life at age 40 — on Martin Luther King Jr.

Pat Ryan, Marc Molinaro vow to work across party lines in Washington despite House turmoil

Most stocks should be in the top five or six broad industry sectors. Make sure the last two or three-quarters earnings vix in forex per share are up a huge amount. Founded a national financial daily newspaper calledInvestor’s Business Daily.

william o'neil

His continued fascination with business and stocks cemented him on his career path to becoming a stockbroker. Investor’s Business Daily founder William O’Neil is a legendary investor and one of the true great American success stories. His entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic led him to develop his own unique method of stock picking and launch his own companies, which have helped millions of investors improve their portfolio performance. A lifelong resident of the Capital Region, Ian joined WAMC in late 2008 and became news director in 2013.

Taking cues from Dreyfus, O’Neil pioneered a more objective way to invest in stocks — using computers and a database. Through multiple bestselling books, IBD products, seminars, workshops and other achievements, O’Neil has created an enduring and expanding legacy built around educating and empowering investors. Philip Fisher was a pioneer of growth strategy investing and author of Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits. Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts.

What Happened To William O’Neal After The Deadly Raid That Killed Black Panther Fred Hampton?

In the 1960s, William J. O’Neil developed the OM based on his historical studies of past big stock winners. He saw certain characteristics and movements repeatedly emerge before stocks made their big price moves. He noted things like accelerating revenue and earnings growth, high relative strength, increasing trading volume, new products or management, and industry group strength. Those characteristics form the basis of the OM, which we still use to uncover stocks poised to make big moves to this day. Mr. O’Neil published his findings in several volumes of his Model Book of Greatest Stock Winners, which aggregates fact-based evidence on more than 1,000 winning stocks all the way back to the 1880s. Market cycle after market cycle, we see that the characteristics and movements of past winning stocks still define the big winners of today.

The creation of Investor’s Business Daily furthered investor William O’Neil’s mission to help everyday people make more money in the stock market. (William O’Neil + Co.)O’Neil in 1984 started Investor’s Daily, which later became Investor’s Business Daily. It was the first national business newspaper to compete successfully with The Wall Street Journal. IBD’s mission was — and is — to fill the information gap that existed for the individual investor and business community.

He is known as one of the first investors to incorporate computers into his research and investment decision-making process. O’Neil also founded the influential investment publication Investor’s Business Daily. Yarilet Perez is an experienced multimedia journalist and fact-checker with a Master of Science in Journalism.

And even though Hampton made a huge impact on people while he was alive, he missed out on the chance to live a long life — and perhaps make an even bigger impact. O’Neal was clearly aware of this, as he once mused that Hampton might’ve been a successful politician if he’d lived. Nonetheless, a coroner’s jury ruled that the deaths of Hampton and Clark were both “justifiable homicides.” And O’Neal’s involvement in the attack came to light in 1973 — much to the fury of the Black community. But the story from the police quickly began to fall apart. A report by the Sun-Times revealed that the so-called “bullet holes” that police showed to back up their claims were actually nail heads.

Former ‘Legs’ Diamond bootlegging property in development plan

Not only did O’Neal successfully join the Black Panthers, he also gained the trust of Hampton, the beloved chairman of the Illinois chapter. But behind the scenes, O’Neal was secretly providing the FBI with a floor plan of Hampton’s apartment. This allowed the Chicago police to raid the building — and murder Fred Hampton in his sleep on December 4, 1969. And still IBD’s focus remains on education, with the aim of helping investors of all levels become smarter in the stock market and make consistent profits.

What Is the Main Lesson in How to Make Money in Stocks?

We cut through market noise to deliver actionable investment ideas. As of 2015, the newspaper had a circulation of 113,000 and its website attracted 2.9 million visitors a month. In 2016, the newspaper changed its printing schedule to weekly, but continued to publish news daily on its website.

O’Neil has worked in Dutchess County government since 2005 after a career in the healthcare software industry. O`Neal really carved his niche in Chicago history when he agreed to coinberry review infiltrate the Black Panthers, then viewed as a violent radical group. O`Neal`s wife, speaking through a family friend, said she believed her husband`s death was accidental.

Therefore, half of a stock’s move is due to the strength of its respective group. Don’t try to buy a stock at the bottom or on the way down in price, and don’t average down (If you buy at $40, don’t buy more if it goes to $35 or $30). The general market should be in an uptrend and either favour small or big cap companies. Make sure your stock has at least one or two better-performing mutual funds who have bought it in the last reporting period. You want your stocks to have increasing institutional sponsorship over the last several quarters.

According to O’Neil, this is the best book on the market. Other investors which he took great interest in were Bernard Baruch, Jesse Livermore, Gerald M. Loeb, Jack Dreyfus, and Nicolas Darvas. Four years ago, according to relatives and friends, O`Neal returned to the Chicago area. He and his first wife had parted when life in the witness protection program became too strained, one acquaintance recalled Wednesday. After becoming accepted in the Panther Party, O`Neal served as the group`s chief of security.

From his research, O’Neil invented the CAN SLIM strategy and became the top-performing broker in his firm. He bought a seat on the NYSE at age 30 and became the youngest at that time ever to do so. Inc., a company which developed the first computerized daily securities database and sold its research to institutional investors and tracks over 70,000 companies worldwide. The movie, which is based on real life, tells the story of the life and death of Hampton and the role William O’Neal, an FBI informant and one-time car thief, played in it all. It’s a true story; O’Neal really was an FBI informant who gave the feds the floor plan to Hampton’s apartment, according to the Chicago Reader. In the early hours of January 15, 1990, after visiting with his uncle Ben Heard, O’Neal ran out of the apartment and into traffic on Interstate 290, where he was hit by a car, and killed; he was 40 years old.

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