Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

A Can’t-Miss Dating Tip for anybody taking place A First Date With Mark Zuckerberg’s Wife

Mark Zuckerberg met their girlfriend Priscilla Chan in school at a fraternity party. These people were in both range the restroom.

Zuckerberg next took the lady on a night out together. Chan recalled the line the guy dropped on the to the Savannah Guthrie:

“On the very first time, the guy explained which he’d instead continue a night out together with me than complete their take-home midterm,” she said.

Chan, who was studious and had gotten chosen “class genius” in highschool, states “the type-A basic youngster in me personally had been appalled.”

Once they came across, Chan states Zuckerberg thought he may get knocked out of school for a prank the guy pulled (the prank was likely “Face Mash,” a hot-or-not for students on campus), very she thought he was sorts of a slacker.

Evidently, she got on it. The two had gotten married immediately after Facebook went general public.

Company Insider: 

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